Angie Webster-Hamlin is an award winning artist from the beautiful Central Coast of California. She enjoys painting in watercolor and acrylic mediums. Angie also combines the unique style of airbrushing with acrylics on canvas.

"When I paint, I try to capture and create the tranquility and vibrancy of this planets natural beauty for people to appreciate, be inspired and uplifted by, and have a more intimate experience with."

Angie is predominately self-taught. She worked as a cake decorator for 15 years learning to airbrush on cakes. She then became interested in airbrushing on textiles, and now uses the airbrush to blend her work on canvas. Angie expresses her awe for nature and its beauty through the use of vivid colors. Her art reflects her celebration of life and the simple joys it can bring through the gifts God has given her. Living on the California Coast and frequenting the Hawaiian Islands inspires her passion for painting seascapes and marine life.

Angie’s artwork is in private collections throughout the United States and around the world. Locally it is on display at Bella Florist, Cypress Gallery, La Purisima Mission Gift Shop, Lompoc Valley Florist, Surf Connection, The Book Store, at various businesses in the area, and at Under The Sea Gallery in Avila Beach and Morro Bay.  Her 9' x 40' mural "PACIFIC BLUES"  and 8' x 17' mural "RAINFOREST GLIMPSE" can be seen at the Cabrillo High School Aquarium, Lompoc, CA. Her artwork can also be viewed by appointment.

For more information call her studio at (805)735-4614 or e-mail angie@angiesartworks.com.


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